Saffron is our business

In summer 1995 Hamed Bazrafshan founded the Saffron Zarvan UG. The name stands for quality and we serve as a trusted supplier saffron our European customers. Quality begins with us not only in the camp, but also in the Anpflanzug, harvesting and processing in the country of origin.

We serve our clients by advising on the order to delivery of the ordered Saffron. Compliance with the certification process is particularly close to our hearts and is well documented.
Thus we can guarantee our quality, which is based on the stringent requirements of the European food industry.
Our company
Our business objective is primarily based on the delivery of European trade partner with saffron and in the near future with other raw materials.
The saffron crocus are exclusive of our Iranian partners in traditionally grown, harvested and processed, the saffron flower stamps under the strictest quality requirements.
controlled and certified
The farmers / producers in Iran regularly and are the high demands of the European food industry certified accordingly. Iranians still in

this year by the Swiss company HELVETAS established a certification authority, so that we get out of this crisis-stricken country of reliable evidence be.
Other businesses in trade and production are under construction. In the consistent implementation of our business philosophy, we work exclusively with powerful partners in the growing areas that meet the requirements of the food industry's needs.
Zarvan Saffron sees itself not only a supplier but also as a close partner to its customers. A partner who is fully committed in terms of quality and documentation to meet the high demands of the food industry.
Zarvan Saffron is known and appreciated as such partner and enjoys the confidence of its customers. Requirements of our customers are immediately transmitted to us by our partners in Iran and in Iran where it is converted according to our specifications.
quality is quality
A to ensure consistent quality in natural products is not always easy. But we guarantee a regular inspection of products in terms of processing and purity. In a German food laboratory we can examine the products you purchased regelmäßgig and pollutants.

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