Saffron: The effect

Saffron does for thousands of years as a remedy - 1600 BC is mentioned in the medical papyrus Ebers saffron as a means of eye diseases, gout, liver disease or anemia, Iliad praised the plant and Hippocrates (460-377 BC .) Saffron recommended as a remedy woman -. in late middle age was associated with saffron Rose and Lily as elixir
saffron was considered a plant of the organs has a revitalizing effect and the wider Kö body rejuvenated. Therefore, the life-prolonging elixirs saffron effect was said. Also available today are again reinforced elixirs, which stimulate the circulation, affecting the digestion and thus positive effects such as weight loss or fitness promise.
Saffron is, like all the rest spices, as the appetite and promote digestion, it also cholesterol-lowering properties and an improved flow of blood (protection against atherosclerosis) are attributed.
the consumption of too much saffron is harmful : 5-10 grams of saffron often lead to bloody diarrhea, noise-like conditions, vomiting, dizziness and bleeding in the uterus, 20 grams can be fatal. One described the former as "the cheerful, laughing death." In the first stage of a strong urge to laugh, then palpitations, dizziness and hallucinations. Later comes a paralysis of the central nervous system, leading to death.


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